There are several different doses of Clexane, each dose has a different label colour

Clexane pre-filled syringes are administered by deep subcutaneous injection. The administration should be alternated between the left and right anterolateral or posterolateral abdominal wall.

In case of self-administration, patients should be advised to follow instructions provided in the patient information leaflet.1

How to inject Clexane using the Clexane® pre-filled syringe


You will find the instructions of how to use Clexane and more information in the material below:

Dosage and Administration guide

Please refer your patients to www.vtematters.co.uk/patient/patient-information where they will find instructions for self-injection of Clexane and more educational resources.

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1. Clexane® (enoxaparin) Summary of Product Characteristics. May 2020.

MAT-GB-2003116 (v3.0) April 2021