We hold supply of Clexane® above the minimum expectation set by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). We are confident in our ability to supply the anticipated demand throughout 2022.

If you are experiencing issues with stock, we might be able to transfer Clexane® to you from another agent. Contact Sanofi Customer service on 0800 854 430 and they will help with next steps.

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Towards a healthy LMWH market to ensure sustainable patient access to treatments in the UK

LMWHs, like Clexane®, are complex biological products, produced from porcine intestinal mucosa. This requires a high standard of manufacturing quality and traceability processes. It also addresses health authorities’ standards.

While payers are looking for cost savings from the use of best-value biologics, the efficient provision of vital medicines to patients must be prioritized1,2

 To understand the challenges, we need to understand the complexity of the value chain for LMWH and the role of supply. 


Sanofi has taken the following measures to improve Clexane supply in the UK. We will maintain a high standard in continuity and can anticipate the expected increase in global demand.
-    Dedicated packaging production line in Europe
-    Additional warehouse capacity to support stockpiling of products
-    Capability to adapt production across three European manufacturing sites
-    Remaining engaged in dialogue with authorities in all European countries exploring measures required to support patient access to LMWHs

Sanofi's challenges and contributions

“Sanofi’s intention to create a new Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) specialist, at a time when around two-thirds of pharma raw materials are sourced from China and India would secure significant API manufacturing and supply capacities that are critical for patients” Paul Hudson, Sanofi CEO.



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